Following are the dates the calendar year 2017 when major JCGB events are planned. Use the link below, or from the drop-down menu link below Event tab for detailed information about these events.

NOTE: Please use the JCGB Calendar below for information on regularly scheduled pujas, lectures, etc.

Event Tithi (actual date) JCGB Planned Date Location RSVP Link Check RSVP
Pathshala Winter Camp   Saturday, 25 March Jain Center    
Spring Cleanup   Sunday, 2 April Jain Center    
Mahavir Jayanti  Sunday, 9 April Sunday, 9 April Jain Center


Boli Sheet

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Walk for Hunger   Sunday, 7 May Boston    
Pratishtha Anniversary   Saturday, 24 June Jain Center RSVP Check RSVP
Picnic   Sunday, 06 August    
Paryushan Parva Friday, 18 August to
Friday, 25 August
Friday, 18 August to
Friday, 25 August
Jain Center    
Das Laxan Parva Saturday, 26 August to
Tuesday, 5 September 
Saturday, 26 August to
Tuesday, 5 September
Jain Center    
Pathshala Puja     Jain Center    
Paryushan/Das Laxan
Parva Celebration
  Saturday, 9 September Jain Center    
Food Pantry          
Fall Cleanup   Sunday, 5 November Jain Center    
Sidhhachalam Yatra   Saturday, 07 October to
Monday, 09 October
Diwali Thursday, 19 October   Saturday, 21 October Jain Center