JCGB membership is open to every individual, 18 and over, that believes in Jainism and agrees to abide by the Constitution of JCGB. One can apply for membership by completing a membership form and submitting it to the Secretary. The JCGB constitution requires members to renew their membership every two years.

Members enjoy the following privileges:

  • Receive newsletter by mail.
  • Voting privileges are available to individual JCGB members that reside in the states of Massachusetts, Maine, New Hampshire, Rhode Island or Vermont and have been a member for more than one year. The Secretary must have a completed and signed membership form on file to verify voting eligibility.
  • Contest elections under specific criteria.
  • Pathshala membership for yourself and kids.
  • Be part of JCGB academic and social projects.
  • Spread and practice Jainism.

There is no registration or yearly membership fee to join. Donations are always welcome!

Please click here to check your membership status.

Please click here to download the JCGB Membership Form.